Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prom Hairstyles: 30 Fresh Prom Hairstyles for Prom II

Continue from the previous post, here are the next 5 fresh prom hairstyles which worth to take a look.

A heavy front panel directed right over the face is one way to wear this asymmetrical bob (for a less dramatic effect, take hair back or to the side during the day) Style hair from a high diagonal part using blower and flat backed brush.

Full fringe that veils the eyes gives this look a touch of mystery. Hair fall blunt to almost hit the shoulders. Style it with blower and vented brush. Flat-ironing is optional, but be sure you use thermal protectant to prevent any damange.

Spiral Tap
This is the perfect look for prom night. To do, comb gel into damp strands and sprial set sections around medium-sized sponge roller. After hair has totally dried, remove teh roller and gently tug curls into place. To finish, mist iwth a light shine spray.

Blonde Wavy Hair
The blonde bomb-shell look starts on the right foot with faily simple to style flowing curls
To create this long wavy hairstyle tonight, create a strong center part, diffuse-dry, then loosely wind hair around sections. Finish by tugging into place in front of the shoulders.

Classic Updos
What could be more sophisticated than a classic updos? This blonde stunner's got a few added twists with major height and texture, plus a few trendy peeks-a-boo dark roots. Make it even sexier by tugging a few wisps of fringe loose.

So stay tune for the next fresh prom hairstyles.