Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prom Hairstyles: 30 Fresh Prom Hairstyles for Prom

Prom night is the most awaited night for all the teenagers and you want to make sure that you look your best, particularly an elegant hairstyle with flawless attire. Prom hair is the major concern for most of the females. To choose the best prom hairstyles that complement the prom dress, personality and the mood of the night is a big chore.

Many times you can get your hair done in an up-do; this is a classic hairstyle for the prom. But why not consider other style? In this article, we would like to share 30 fresh hairstyles, so let reinvent yourself with a trendy look in coming prom night.

Long Lush Prom Hairstyle
This long, lush look requires hair that's super thick or augmented with extensions. Long layers support fullness through the top and plump ringlets that tumble past the shoulders.

Long Lush Prom HairstyleUse a large barrel curling iron to create curls at the ends.

Retro Prom Hairstyle
Sultry waves lifted off the face exude old Hollywood glamor. Set the long bang area back and off the face with a large hot roller and use smaller rollers for lower layers to achieve sumptuous waves.

Retro Prom HairstyleDirect the opposite side forward, then brush the roots back and give a quick shot of hairspray. To finish, fluff curl into place.

Shaggy Prom Hairstyle
Go shaggy chic with a short to mid length look that's heavy on layering, complete with lash grazing bangs.

Shaggy Prom Hairstyle
Build texture iwth pomade, then ruffle through hair, flicking end out.

Short Crop Prom Hairstyle
Forget same length styles. When you want an anti-cookie cutter look, ask for sliced in layering on the light side, then comb down the fringe and detail ends by hand.

Short Crop Prom Hairstyle
To create direction, brush down from a central down from a central point on top.

Bob Prom Hairstyle
This unique spin on the bob features one longer, layered panel up front that can act as fringe, and a striking mix of reds, browns and golds.

Bob Prom Hairstyle
The ultra-glossy finish really showcases the color treatment.

In next article will continue with the fresh 25 hairstyles.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: Prom Hairstyle Gadget Guide

When you think about DIY hairstyle for prom night, the first thing come to your mind must be the necessary hairstyle tools. So let me show you some of the cool tools that can help you in preparation of your glam prom hairstyle.

For the Trendy Teen
Think pink with FHI HEAT Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo blow dryer. The cool tool incorporates ceramic, tourmaline and Nano-Fuzeion technology along with 2 speed and 3 temperature settings. Prom Hairstyle Gadget GuideThe high performance blow dryer even conditions hair, leaving is shiny and healthy. And what girl wouldn't love the pink hue?

For the Arty Hispter
Wtih its minimalist chic design, the Wigo AbstraX Kanji Design Tourmaline and IONIC Salon Dryer is sure to be a hit with the gallery hopper in your life. Prom Hairstyle Gadget GuideThe stylish tool dries hair up to 50% faster, has 4 heat settings and 2 speeds, and preserves moisture, leaving your hair shiny, smooth and beautiful of course.

For the Chic Tech Lover
Get gorgeous with this new gilded styling tool. Prosilk's Gold Flat Iron heats up in less than 7 seconds, with pure ceramic heat, going up to 435 degrees. There are also scratch resistant ionic plates and an automatic sensor system.

Prom Hairstyle Gadget GuideYour hair will be frizz-free, shiny and straight in practically no time.

For Urban Girl On-the-Go
Your academy-driven and party hopping pal will adore this S NANO WET/DRY iron METROPOLIS. The amazing flat iron straightens hair into sleek, silky-soft, frizz-free strands. Better yet, you can even use it on damp hair. Prom Hairstyle Gadget GuideThe latest Silver Nano and Ionic technology also purifies and humidity proofs hair.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: Wavy Prom Hairstyles

A large part of any girl's prom is the prom hairstyle she chooses. The most popular prom hairstyles are subject to change each year. This year feminine, wavy styles is going to be one of the popular trends.

Sexy Silky Seductress
Create your own version of cascading amber waves for prom night. First, make sure hair is in top notch condition by trimming any dry ends and moisturizing strands with a deep conditioning treatment. Once hair is dry, set 2" sections on large hot rollers, allow to cool, and gently comb out into gentle waves.

Silky Wavy Prom Hairstyle
Shabby Chic Waves Hairstyle Hair is made beautiful with unstructured waves that fall from an off-center part. While this style works best on hair that's naturally wavy, you can fake what nature didn't give you by curling the last four inches of your hair with irons of different sizes.

Shabby Wavy Hairstyle
Beach Waves Hairstyle
Beach inspired waves are the perfect choice for prom night. For the most natural look possible, scrunch clamp hair in sections after applying a combination of curl-enhancer and frizz tamer. If time isn't on your side, you can always speed up the drying process with a diffuser.

Beach Wavy Prom Hairstyle

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

11 Latest Prom Hairstyles for this Session

If you are still not able to find something here, I would recommend you temptalia, which has released the 11 prom hairstyles for your prom. Range from Voluminous Side Curls, Braided, Curly Up Pinned, Accent with jewels, messy, loose curls, sexy wave hairstyle and many more.

latest prom hairstyles
latest prom hairstyle
Source: temptalia.com

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: Medium Hairstyle for Prom Night

After a long day at work, you may not want to restyle your hair for a night on the town. However, medium length hair is the only hairstyle that is unique in that you can choose either short hair styling methods or long hair styling methods to achieve a great evening look.

One of the hottest trends in medium hair style is the half up, half down do. This style can be achieved by gathering small sections of hair, started at the ear line and pulling the hair toward the back of the head. Securing each of these pieces with a bobby pin and then twisting the remaining hair into a small bun style and securing, again, with a bobby pin. Continue this process completely around the front of the face, ending at the opposite ear. With the remaining hair in the back of the head, curl into twists and spray with a finishing spray.

Prom Hairstyle
To add even more zest to this style, try curling the back of the hair out into a flip style and separate with a holding wax.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: Chic Prom Updos for Long Hair

Prom Updos for long hair look elegant at prom night. The prom styles may range from classic updos to messy ones, but it is the right prom updos for your hair that can steal all the attention in the crowd.

Updos for long hair
The best and most attractive prom updo for long hair is a bun. Whether it is a tightly pulled bun or a messy one, it goes fine with almost any kind of outfit. For that great prom updo hairstyle on your long hair, it is important to set it. Apply hair spray or gel to your hair before putting it to a ponytail and then you can twist your hair to create a bun at the top of your head or close to your neck.

Updos for long hair
Curly hair looks best with messy prom updo hairstyle and if you have straight hair, you can use curler or roller to create the curls for ‘messy’ updos. But you can select the French roll style for your long hair if they are lightly curled. Messy updos look stylish and is also easy to create. However, a simple twist is easier than other updos and will stay in place for longer.

Updos for long hair
The best thing about these updos for long hair is you can do these hairstyles yourself at the comfort of your home and without spending a lot of bucks in a salon.

Apart from the simple updos for long hair, there are a lot of styles that you can try. For the complex-looking styles, you need to visit a hair stylist if you are attending prom night.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: What Is the Most Elegant Hairstyle for Prom Night?

You may be wondering what will be the chic hairstyle for prom night this year. Having said that, the most chic hairstyle might not be the most suitable for you. Hence, selecting the right hair style for the prom night is as much crucial as selecting prom dress, jewelry, shoes and accessories.
There may be latest and funky hairstyles in fashion, but wearing a formal hairdo is the best choice for the special occasion. Prom hair updos are the styles that stand the test of time and look gorgeous with an elegant prom grown.

Classic updos look wonderful for straight hair and on prom nights, it enhances your appearance. Bun is one of the prom hair updos that create a classic and timeless look. You can even tie your hair at the back or top of the head for an elegantly simple look and use hair accessories to add glamour to it. Curly hair makes great bun for prom hair styles. You can tie it at the top of your head or pin it with bobby pins. You can also apply hair products like gel to manage your hair.

If your hair is not long enough to make a bun, you can purchase bun- maker and wind your hair around it to create a bun. Hair extensions are also alternative for short hair to create effective prom hair updos.

Quick tips: It is better to try your prom hair updos days before the prom night so that you can find the style that suits best with your gown and jewelry. Yes, selection of jewelry such as earrings and necklace is equally important as they will get displayed when you put your hair up.

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