Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: What Is the Most Elegant Hairstyle for Prom Night?

You may be wondering what will be the chic hairstyle for prom night this year. Having said that, the most chic hairstyle might not be the most suitable for you. Hence, selecting the right hair style for the prom night is as much crucial as selecting prom dress, jewelry, shoes and accessories.
There may be latest and funky hairstyles in fashion, but wearing a formal hairdo is the best choice for the special occasion. Prom hair updos are the styles that stand the test of time and look gorgeous with an elegant prom grown.

Classic updos look wonderful for straight hair and on prom nights, it enhances your appearance. Bun is one of the prom hair updos that create a classic and timeless look. You can even tie your hair at the back or top of the head for an elegantly simple look and use hair accessories to add glamour to it. Curly hair makes great bun for prom hair styles. You can tie it at the top of your head or pin it with bobby pins. You can also apply hair products like gel to manage your hair.

If your hair is not long enough to make a bun, you can purchase bun- maker and wind your hair around it to create a bun. Hair extensions are also alternative for short hair to create effective prom hair updos.

Quick tips: It is better to try your prom hair updos days before the prom night so that you can find the style that suits best with your gown and jewelry. Yes, selection of jewelry such as earrings and necklace is equally important as they will get displayed when you put your hair up.

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