Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prom Hairstyle: Wavy Prom Hairstyles

A large part of any girl's prom is the prom hairstyle she chooses. The most popular prom hairstyles are subject to change each year. This year feminine, wavy styles is going to be one of the popular trends.

Sexy Silky Seductress
Create your own version of cascading amber waves for prom night. First, make sure hair is in top notch condition by trimming any dry ends and moisturizing strands with a deep conditioning treatment. Once hair is dry, set 2" sections on large hot rollers, allow to cool, and gently comb out into gentle waves.

Silky Wavy Prom Hairstyle
Shabby Chic Waves Hairstyle Hair is made beautiful with unstructured waves that fall from an off-center part. While this style works best on hair that's naturally wavy, you can fake what nature didn't give you by curling the last four inches of your hair with irons of different sizes.

Shabby Wavy Hairstyle
Beach Waves Hairstyle
Beach inspired waves are the perfect choice for prom night. For the most natural look possible, scrunch clamp hair in sections after applying a combination of curl-enhancer and frizz tamer. If time isn't on your side, you can always speed up the drying process with a diffuser.

Beach Wavy Prom Hairstyle

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