Monday, July 7, 2008

Prom Hairstyles - Crimp or Flip, Up to You!

It's 4:30 and thirty minutes to go before home time but the fun is just beginning. You have a date with a stylist for a blow-dry and you've prepared for your coming Prom Night. Drinks with the girls on Friday, a hot date on Saturday.

Get two days or nights worth of your blow-dry. Flip it out today; crimp some pieces tomorrow. Two looks, two moods and two deals for the price of one.

Saturday comes and your Friday night of fun is over. Now you're ready to get a second night from your great blow-dry. While the Crimper is heating for the final changes, brush out your hair in an upward motion to get out any tangles. Lightly spray Shine before adding the heat from the Crimper. (So the ends don't fry)

Crimp HairUse some clay, mud, wax whichever the best suited for your hair, and piece the ends outs. Take small sections and crimp one piece at a time. Try to do one in the front, one at each side and a few in the back. The crimping is not supposed to take over the style just enhance it. Turn it into va-voom!

The best part is that it's so easy you can do it yourself.

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