Friday, June 13, 2008

Prom Hairstyles: Chic Sedu Style

Your prom time is approaching and you still haven’t determined what hair style to choose? Secrets of beautiful sedu prom hairstyles will assist you to create that perfect sedu prom hairstyle and be the heart of any prom event.

If you are rushed for time, or would rather be natural at any event, then the sedu prom hairstyle is a perfect style for you. It requires a simple dress of some fall-down fabric like silk, or satin. The right style of dress is full length with a low neck and sleeveless. Such dresses are always stylish and require no added improvements by adding any additional accessories.
If you decide to add accessories, try to stay away from anything heavier than light gold or silver chain with small pendant, or you risk to spoil that natural Sedu look. The make-up is as close to the natural make-up-free look as achievable.

Sedu prom hairstyles
Sedu hairstyles For the Sedu Prom Hairstyle the hair is either left lose and straight, with some curls at the bottom, or twisted into lose bun to highlight the naturalness of the face. On occasions when hair is left lose it may be better to pin up the framing tresses to highlight the face. Add hair accessories, which may be pins or flowers of the season. sedu with bun and accessories.

To create this Sedu Prom Hairstyle follow these steps:

1. Wash hair with shampoo, use a mild shampoo that doesn't strip the scalp of too much oil. Some shampoo's that are detergent based can be too harsh. Finish with a conditioner.
2. Towel dry then blow dry your hair, making certain that the air flow is directed down the shaft of the hair to prevent frizz.
3. Apply some straightening balm and moisturizer to the hairs middle length and ends. Do not aply to the roots as it will give the appearance of oily hair.
4. Spray some thermal protection spray onto your hair, to help protect your hair from the heat of the straightening iron.
5. Take a comb and starting with a section of hair place the comb near the roots, then slide it down slightly, allowing enough space for the Sedu Flat Iron to be placed in position behind the comb. Now slide the comb down the length of the hair shaft towards the end of the hair following behind with the straightener. Repeat this procedure until all of your hair has been straightened.

To add that chic style try adding the following.

Wear high-heeled shoes of suitable color to match the dress and accessories that yor are wearing. Gloves may be worn with a sleeveless dress to add to the image. Nice lace styled stockings to accentuate the legs.

Make-up ought to be bright, but appropriate. Its role is to underline your image, and not to ruin it. Everything ought to be similar, and not necessary the colors of the season, because everything that matches your image is fashionable in Chic Sedu style.

To add some volume to your hair, try using a curler near the ends of the hair lenghts. Alternatively, if you like that flick look, then try this method added to the above.

After straightening the hair as above. Repeat the process, this time as you get near the ends of the hair sections with the straight iron, direct the iron up with a flick motion. This will add a flick to the ends of the hair lengths, rather than having the hair straight throughout its length.

Relax, the tension of the night can make you feel stressed. You will look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. Just remember not to go to heavy with the make-up.