Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prom Hairstyles: Elegant Styles for Fall/Winter

If you have a plan on going to a prom soon, then chances are, you are wondering what are the popular hairstyles in this coming session.

Long Prom Hairstyles
Do you enjoy your long hair? Believe it or not, your long hair can do wonders for you at the prom. Yes, we know that it is hard to maintain every morning, but there are many styles you can choose from when it comes to long length hair.

Sleek Updos
Taking shiny, straight hair and pulling it into a sophisticated updo for prom, is elegant and beautiful and one of the most popular ways to create a put together look. Sleek straight hair was a rave on the runways this year, and the trend was followed quickly by the likes of Nicole Richie, Gisele Bundchen, and the always glamorous Kate Hudson. To get this affect, straighten your hair using a blow dryer or flat iron, spray it with a hair strengtheners to protect the hair and create shine. Then pull up the hair into your chosen updo, combing out any pumps and laying the hair in a way that looks put together and organized. A hairstylist can help you with a number of different sleek updo designs.

Curly Prom Hairstyles
If you have curly hair, then you are in luck. Curly hair seems to look elegant all by itself. Many girls choose to leave their curly hair down and top it off with a hair accessory. Do you know what accessory looks great in curly hair?

Short Prom Hairstyles
If you have short hair, then do not feel left out as there are many different styles that you can wear to the prom as well. There are many prom magazines and tips that will help you choose one of those elegant prom hairstyles. Remember, you should choose the one that also looks good with the dress you are wearing.

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