Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom Hairstyles: Short Hair Cut

For girls with short hair, there are not as many options as with medium and longer hair lengths but there are plenty of short hairstyles that look formal and cute and become a good option for an event like the prom.

Depending on the length of the short cut, there are a variety of looks that some women will find very complimentary. Short cuts will range from very short pixie cuts to longer hair that comes above the chin. The key to choosing short hairstyles for prom, is to find the hairstyles that provide a formal look that is both cute and chic. Adding some hair accessories to some hairstyles is also a great option for an event like this. Jewelry and hair bands can turn a simple short cut into a very chic look.

The following 3 short hairstyles are great examples of prom ready looks.

Textured Short Cut
This is a great example of a formal, cute cut. Presented by Jamison Shaw Salon, this is a short hairstyle with plenty of texture and layers. The hairstyle is almost a bob but not quite. It does take the great facial framing from the bob along with the swept front hair to create a very prom ready hairstyle. Many girls will find this short hairstyle more of a viable option than shorter cuts.

Short Hairstyle with a Fringe This is another very cute short hairstyle that can be a very hot look for prom. The hairstyle is simple but very chic. The layered hair allows the look to come out very well and the fringe adds a nice touch as well as facial framing. Many short hairstyles are harder for all women to pull off but the this one provides some added comfort with the fringe and not too short hair. For the prom, this could be a very unique and great look.

Pixie Cut The pixie cut, or boy cut, is one of the hardest looks for girls to pull off, especially for a formal event like prom. Girls with very delicate features should be able to pull off the look but a lot of girls will not find it as flattering. The pixie cut really opens up the facial area and for the cuts without a fringe, it becomes even harder to pull off. The short cut brings out her delicate facial features a brings about a chic look. Unique hairstyles that look great are the best options for prom and for girls that can pull off this look, the hairstyle becomes a prime choice.